Explomo is a pioneer and leading international provider of multi-disciplinary technical services pertaining to the domains of Explosives and Unexploded Ordnance (UXO), Explosives Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and Demilitarisation Operations.


For the past 30 years, our dedicated, experienced and professionally certified personnel have operated in the most challenging environments from East Asia to the Middle East.


Explomo’s integrated research and development, project management, logistical and operational capabilities provide a holistic solution for clients whilst navigating the complex / nuanced in-country regulatory landscape.

Open disposal of ammunition & ordnance


Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) refers to explosive devices, such as grenades, missiles, mortars or cluster munitions that have been fired or launched but subsequently failed to function as intended. These devices may pose a clear, present and immediate danger to life and property if not handled appropriately.



Emergency Response Planning

Based on international best practices, Explomo provides strategic guidance and operational guidelines to site management on UXO related risk(s). This includes mapping and the subsequent provision of data to ascertain the overall extent and level of risk of existing pertaining to UXOs. Thereafter Explomo devises environmentally contingent risk mitigation measures.

On-site Toolbox Brief

Our UXO specialists provide regular on-site toolbox briefings in keeping with client and local government regulatory requirements thereby providing critical and relevant information to management and operational personnel.

UXO Safety Awareness Training

As an integral part of UXO risk management plan, providing the necessary knowledge on UXO will enable ground personnel to act in a safe manner during an unexpected UXO encounter. Explomo conducts UXO Safety Awareness Training in accordance with international standards and best practices to help ensure a safe working environment.


Explomo provides the design and implementation of appropriate non-intrusive UXO survey and mapping methods using industrial standard geophysical survey equipment, to detect the possible subsurface presence of UXO devices. Our surveys typically cover wide areas and minimize any associated environmental impact. The survey data analyzed by qualified UXO geophysical specialists to identify potential presence of UXO.


Our EOD specialists subsequently conduct investigatory work to ascertain the presence of potential UXO devices.


Sites which have a proven elevated risk of UXO presence and are not deemed to be suitable for geophysical surveys, Explomo also offers on-site support of UXO specialists who are qualified to supervise and offer guidance for intrusive groundworks.

Our service offering includes:


  • UXO site specific safety toolbox briefing;


  • Supervise open ground excavation works;


  • Provide an immediate response & investigation of suspected UXO.


Explomo offers 24/7 On-Call UXO Assessment & Identification Service. In discovering suspected UXO, Explomo will rapidly mobilize specialists to the site to investigate and advise on appropriate safety precautions and procedures to be adopted.

This service offering can also be extended on a turn-key contract basis where Explomo UXO specialists are stationed on site (land) or onboard ships (marine) for a higher level of rapid response while minimizing time delays to existing operations.


We offer a comprehensive solution in managing a confirmed UXO encounter which ranges from liaising with various agencies to removing and transporting UXO devices from site in a secure manner, and subsequent complete disposal of the UXO.


Our EOD/ War Relic disposal service is accredited by the Singapore authorities and comply with stringent international safety standards.


Explomo provides technical expertise and complete logistical solutions in connection with the disposal of obsolete or surplus stockpile of military ammunitions, pyrotechnics and other forms of explosives in accordance with client specific requirements and international standards.


Explomo has been a key contracting partner and advisor to the Government of Singapore for the past 30 years and has a proven and successful track record with international governmental agencies and industrial companies.

Our track record includes:


  • Main Contractor of UXO Services for Military Ranges  in Singapore for
    The Ministry of Defence


  • UXO Digital Geophysical Mapping in North & South Kuwait


  • UXO Geophysical Survey in Port Dickson, Malaysia


  • UXO Detection and Demining in Kinmen, Taiwan


  • UXO Land Remediation Survey in Pulau Muara Besar, Brunei


  • UXO Risk Mitigation (Geophysical Survey) in Singapore for Tuas Finger Pier


  • Ad-hoc Removal and Disposal of UXO/ War Relics in Singapore for multiple companies

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