Normal roller shutters including heavy duty ones or cyclone shutters (max pressure 15 kPa) are not designed to withstand blast pressure. When an explosion occur, the shutter horizontal slats or panels are likely to detach from the shutter guides and fly in depending on the blast pressure and the severity of the threat. A blast resistant roller shutter is desirable in view of the lesser material used and also ease of operation compared to conventional solutions like blast doors. We have designed and validated our analysis through a full scale blast test in accordance to ASTM F2927 standards.

Blast Resistant Roller Shutter (Installed on-site)

Live Blast Test


Ideal for openings (e.g at commercial, industrial and military buildings) where blast protection is necessary


  • Field tested with blast loads up to 250kPA.


  • Can be engineered and customised to protection needs.


  • Can be installed at new buildings or retrofitted to existing buildings.


  • Minimum disruptions to operational needs.


  • Easy to operate.


  • Low maintenance costs.


  • Meets fire statutory requirement (2hrs fire-rated).

Numerical Simulations

Numerical Simulations



Composites such as Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) is now widely used in strengthening structural elements against conventional loading, and also extreme loads such as blast loading from explosions. FRPs can be used in new built structures or be retrofitted onto existing ones. Conventional FRP has its limitations due to its labor intensive application such as resin impregnation on site, requirement of mechanical fasteners etc.


A semi-cured FRP has been developed analogous to the "double-sided" tape concept where the pre-fabricated FRP rolls can be readily and easily applied on site. This FRP application will be less dependent on the skill of workers, has more consistent finishing and requires no resin impregnation on site. Design models are analysed and it has also been blast tested for its structural protection capabilities.


  • Up to 30% in cost savings in manpower and time.


  • Easy application halves installation time as it does not require on-site equipment.


  • Factory-controlled quality, unlike conventional method where quality is highly skill-dependent.


  • Reinforces bare concrete structures to achieve up to twice the loading capacity.

Explomo Technical Services is an exclusive agent for products from Andair AG, Switzerland. Andair AG is the competent specialist in shelter technology with over 40 years of experience.


With the vast experience, Andair AG pledges for best quality and products are type tested and approved by

the SPIEZ LABORATORY of the Swiss Federal Department of Defence.


More than 3000 large protected installations in over 55 countries worldwide have been equipped with Andair AG components.


With the Andair AG range of products large and small shelters are ventilated and successfully protected against many threats and endangerments.


The CD Shelter Services refer to the supplies of CD shelter ventilating components and the provision of related engineering and testing services for CD. application.



1) Manufacture, Supply and Delivery of Valves Sleeves

    (cover design, selection, manufacturing, supply, storage and delivery of



2) Manufacture, Supply and Delivery of CD Equipment

    (cover design, selection, manufacturing, supply, storage and delivery of



3) Participation in Internal Overpressure Test (IOPT)


4) Participation in Overpressure and Airflow Regime Test (ORAT)


5) Operation and Maintenance Manuals and As-Built Drawings


6) Maintenance Management System


7) Special Tools for Operation and Maintenance

8) Training (include the provision of training manuals and aids)


MRT Downtown Line Stage 2 – 7 stations (2016)

•   DT01 Bukit Panjang

•   DT02 Cashew

•   DT03 Hillview

•   DT05 Beauty World

•   DT06 King Albert Park

•   DT07 Sixth Avenue

•   DT08 Tan Kah Kee

MRT Thomson East Coast Line

Woodlands Station

Fusionopolis and MRT One North Station

at Ayer Rajah (2010)

DSTA Projects

•   Construction of RC Building

     in Murai Camp (2016)

•   Construction of RC Building

     in Kranji (2015)

•   Construction of RC Building

     at Changi East (2010)

•   Propulsion Flight at

     Tengah Airbase (2010)

•   Changi Camp

     at Changi Airbase (2010)

Civil Defence Fire Station

•   Tampines Fire Station (2005)

•   Alexandra Fire Station (2005)

•   Yishun Fire Station (2005)

Erection of Building for Fusionopolis at One North (2008)

Ministry of Education (1999)

Ministry of Home Affairs Sector A & B (2002-2003)


•   Kandang Kerbau Hospital (1997)

•   Changi General Hospital (1998)

•   Tan Tock Seng Hospital (2001)

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